Alec Bings

Alec Bings"The boy who grows down"

Alec Bings" is a boy that Milo met on his adventure and who grows from the air.

About Edit

While everyone grows from the ground up, Alec grows from up to the ground as he ages. He really wants to reach the ground, but he says that he must get very old first. His head is at the height he would be if he were an adult. Alec thought Milo must be really old since he is already touching the ground and then tells Milo that around there they all grow like that. However, he replies saying that he grows from the ground up (like all of us do). Alec thinks that system is funny. He takes them through the Forest of Sight and they meet Chroma, along with his orchestra (who play the colours). Alec can also see through what's in front of them, as all his family have some sort of power to do with sight. However, he can't see anything directly in front of his face.

Alec takes Milo to the city of Reality and tells him about Illusions and Reality and their history. He inspires Milo to think about the unique points of view that different people have. He gives Milo a telescope as a parting gift.

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