• Walrusandthecarpenter300

    Milo had no idea what he felt of life. Sure, it wasn't as boring as it used to be, but there was still something wrong with life in San Francisco. One afternoon, an amazing sight in his room shocked him. It was the large, oddly shaped box! And this time, it read, "For Milo, who needs a new life”. He opened it up, and it turned out to be the tollbooth. He, sadly, had traded in his car for a hot-air balloon. But, he packed up all his favorite toys, sighed, "Good-by, house. I will miss you," and slipped through the tollbooth in his balloon anyway. And guess who was sitting on the other side of the tollbooth to greet him? Tock the watchdog! 

    Tock jumped up on Milo and licked his face continually. "Okay, Tock!" Milo laughed. "You can stop now!" …

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