The Phantom Tollbooth Wiki

Dr. Dischord, full name D.r Kakofonus As-loud-as-possible Dischord, often abbreviated to Kakofonus A. Dischord, is a doctor of dissonance that lives somewhere in the forest in a carnival wagon. He loves noises, especially loud ones and the ones that most people would consider unpleasant, and he has an assistant named The Awful Dynne. He has very large ears.He found Dynne living in an abandoned soda bottle, with no family, friends and relatives. So, he brought Dynne to his wagon as an assistant. He hates pleasant sounds, and gets furious when someone says that something else (i.e. Milo said words) are the most important things. When the people of Valley of Sound became noisy, the Soundkeeper allowed him to cure them of noise. But, as he loves noises the most, he cured them of everything but noise. The Soundkeeper became furious and chased him away from the valley forever. He keeps Dynne locked in a tight bottle, but often releases him.