TPT food

A Square Meal, Sweet & Delicious A, Ragamuffins, Assorted Polygons & Subtraction Signs (Found in Digitopolis)

Food mentioned in The Phantom Tollbooth.

List of Foods

turnips-Milo had to subtract them from each other

letters and words- The Dictionopolians eat them. Milo had to eat his words and they were "Your majesty, ladies and gentlemen. Common letters taste good but Zs taste like sawdust and Xs taste like stale air. Ps have pits and Gs are like grapes. Is are icy and Cs are crunchy. The best words are juicy. As are sweet.

Punctuation Marks_ Dictionopolians eat these dipped in sugar

Light- Dictionopolians eat this coloured light during light meals

Squares- They are eaten but are not very tasty and get stuck in peoples' throats, they got served for a square meal.

Division Dumplings-dumplings that appear again when eaten.

Subtraction Stew_ The Digitopolians eat this and it makes them hungrier.

Desserts_ The Earl of Essence likes these a lot.

Cupcakes_ The Undersecretary of Understanding likes them.

Roast turkey, vanilla ice cream and mashed potatoes- The Humbug eats these at the banquet.

Hamburgers, corn on the cob and chocolate pudding-The Spelling Bee eats these at the banquet

Frankfurters, sour pickles and strawberry jam- what Officer Short Shrift ate at the banquet.

Somersalt-a type of Dictionopolian salt

Rigmarolls- a Dictionopolian roll

Ragamuffins- a Dictionopolian muffin

TPT food (2)

Icy and Refreshing I, "Do It Yourself" Words, and Synonym Buns

Synonym buns- buns full of synonyms

Gravy- several banqueters got it on their shirts.

Pate de foie gras, soupe a l'oignon, faisan sous cloche, salade endive, fromages et fruits et demi-tasse- what King Azaz ate at the royal banquet.

Multiplication milk-The newest Digitopolian drink. You can't have just one glass. You have to have another and another and another.

Minus symbol gravy-A lot of Digitopolians like it on their subtraction stew. The Dodecahedron was shown wiping it from several of his mouths.

Half Baked Ideas-cakes that have false ideas on them, and if you know better you cannot swallow them and they get stuck in your throat. They are made at the half bakery. Ideas iced on them were "EVERYTHING TURNS OUT FOR THE BEST", "THE EARTH IS FLAT" and "THE SUN ORBITS THE EARTH.