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King Azaz
King Azaz.jpg
Vital statistics
Title King
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Ruler of Dictionopolis
Level King
Status King of Dictionopolis
Location Dictionopolis

King Azaz in the novel

King Azaz the Unabridged is the ruler of words. His law is that words are much more important than numbers. He is the brother of the Mathemagician who is the ruler of mathematics. They came in agreement that numbers and words are equally important in the end. King Azaz is a lot like his brother, only the ruler of words. However, unlike his brother, Azaz is more like a stereotypical ruler. He takes the title of king, he lives in a palace, and he encourages his subjects to attend banquets.


Milo and Tock arrive in Dictionopolis and meet King Azaz, just in time for the Royal Banquet. King Azaz tells them about how cool words can be. After he finishes explaining, King Azaz tells them about his relationship with his brother, the Mathemagician.The King sends them off with a bag of words and ideas, then they go off for Digitopolis.

Later, King Azaz is seen at the celebration after saving Rhyme and Reason. He and the Mathemagician agree that words and numbers are equally important.

Unlike the Mathemagician, King Azaz is a much less patient a teacher than his brother, and the lessons that he teaches leave Milo rather confused. He makes Milo try to order meals without explaining how eating words works and doesn't show Milo how to make a "tast[y] speech" – which leads to a very unappetizing meal for Milo. King Azaz only tells him what he did wrong after the fact.

Like the Mathemagician, King Azaz lets Milo go on a quest he knows is "impossible", but he doesn't send Milo away empty-handed. Instead, he gives Milo a treasured box of "all the words [he] know[s]". The box is like a big dictionary. It doesn't give Milo complex ideas, but it gives him the ability to come up with interesting thoughts and encourages him to do so. "With these words," Azaz tells him, "you may ask all the questions which have never been answered and answer all the questions which have never been asked". This means that the ideas aren't really there yet, so Milo has to create them for himself. Basically, this is more or less the whole point of Milo's journey: to take simple things and make something interesting out of them.


Physically, Azaz is an imposing person. In the book, King Azaz appears as a short man and wears a crown along with what a king would wear. But in the movie, the king wears a red robe and has a gray mustache.


  • Azaz looks and dresses similarly to the Mathemagician in the movie with the only differences being their girth (the former is fat while the latter is thin) and the color scheme of their outfits. They are both voiced by Hans Conried. All of this may suggest that they were twins like Rhyme and Reason.