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Wisdom (or Kingdom of Wisdom, written as Old City of Wisdom on the map) is an unseen city in the novel. It was the first known kingdom to me made on the map. The story, told by Faintly Macabre the Not-So-Wicked Which, is that once a prince appeared sailing across the Sea of Knowledge. He drove all the demons away and built a kingdom. Then, when he got too old to reign, he made his sons, King Azaz and The Mathemagician, the king. They got jealous of each others, fighting over which is more important - words or numbers. They banished their stepsister Rhyme and Reason when they tried to solve the problem the right way.

The King of Wisdom

In the Story[]

Then, since Rhyme and Reason were banished, Wisdom withered away, and the brothers built there iown kingdoms, Dictionopolis and Digitopolis. There were still some people who chose to live in the old city of Wisdom, rather than moving to either Dictionopolis or Digitopolis.

Wisdom on the map, southwest to Conclusions and east to Forest of Sight