Vital statistics
Title Milo
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Student
Level Hero
Status Alive
Milo is the main protagonist of The Phantom Tollbooth.


In the beginning of the book, Milo is characterized by his apathy. He is very intelligent and polite, traits which are not revealed until his adventures in the Lands Beyond. Milo later realizes all of the greatness in the world and his personality improves.


In the book, he is a Caucasian with short tow blonde hair, he wears a black shirt, tan slacks and white loafers.

In the movie, he is a Caucasian with short brown hair, he wears a white T-shirt, a blue leather jacket, blue jeans, and white Converse sneakers.



Tock was the closest friend Milo had in Wisdom. The Watchdog acted as a personal protector and mentor.

The HumbugEdit

Though the Humbug is not naturally friendly, Milo becomes attached to him throughout his travels as well.

The Whether ManEdit

Milo met The Whether Man when he entered the new world. At first, he thought he was the weather man, but quickly found out he was the whether man. The whether man told Milo where to go in order to get to Dictionopolis


  • Milo can be tricked easily. One example of this was in the Doldrums.
  • In the film, he has his own theme song.
  • Milo lives in San Francisco, California, due to the fact he rode home from school on a trolley.
  • He was bored of everything.
  • He has an open mind.
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