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Short Shrift
Vital statistics
Title Short Shrift
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Cop, jailer and judge of Dictionopolis
Level Kind of an antagonist
Status Alive
Location Dictionopolis

Officer Short Shrift is the Dictionopolan cop. He is very short. He doubles as a judge and a jailer


He is pretty confident that he has "never seen anyone so guilty". He is not very fair or logical. His examination of Milo is brief, and he keeps cutting the boy off so that he can make up a new crime of which Milo can be guilty. For example, he blames Milo for not knowing the officer's birthday (27 July). He likes sentencing long prison sentences, but always forgets them.

Name Origins[]

Short Shrift's name is a phrase, which means "little or no attention or consideration gave to the problem". This is a reference to his personality.

Officer Shrift in the novel