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The Official Senses Taker is a man who wants information and to take peoples' senses, however he cannot take their sense of humor. He loves to eat bugs and he was born from a bug.


He is a little round man who is often asleep, has ink stains on his hands, clothes and face (he also gets ink on people a lot) and wears very thick glasses which he often polishes. He has a loud, brisk voice. He seems to collect the letters in peoples' names. He has a tie which he often straightens. Additionally he blows his nose a lot. He often writes on an old book with ink spoil.


He first asks people to fill out forms that ask for ludicrous information such as why they were born and how much time they spend eating ice creams in a week. After that he will ask you for your destination and finally trick their senses by making them see, hear and smell things they enjoy so he can take the senses. However he cannot take one's sense of humor. He doesn't allow people to get out of line, talk, make mistakes, peek or push while they fill out their information or they will have to start again.

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