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The Gelatinous Giant is a demon who lives in the Mountain of Ignorance


As the name suggests, he can change shape and is the size of a mountain. His voice sounds like an explosion. He looks like a colossal bowl of jelly without the bowl.

Gelatinous Giant in the novel

Eating and sleeping[]

He takes naps quite often and hates being woken from them. He has a big appetite and eats people, bugs and dogs. His weakness is he is afraid of ideas and the mention of them makes him lose his appetite.


He camouflages as a lofty peak n the mountains, as a broad sand bar on the beach, as a towering oak in the forest and as a handsome twelve-story block of flats in the city.

Due to being a colossal jelly being, this could mean he, or they, could manipulate their shape.