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The Gelatinous Giant is a demon who lives in the Mountain of Ignorance.


As the name suggests, he can change shape and is the size of a mountain. His voice sounds like an explosion. He looks like a colossal bowl of jelly without the bowl.

Gelatinous Giant in the novel

Eating and sleeping[]

He takes naps quite often and hates being woken from them. He has a big appetite and eats people, bugs and dogs. His weakness is he is afraid of new ideas because they make him sick to his stomach. Milo uses the box of words from King Azaz to defeat the giant.


He camouflages as a lofty peak in the mountains, as a broad sand bar on the beach, as a towering oak in the forest and as a handsome twelve-story block of flats in the city.

Due to being a colossal jelly being, this could mean he, or they, could manipulate their shape.


  • Allegorically, the giant is supposed to represent towering intellectual figures who are stuck in their ways and don't want to hear anything new.