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The Kingdom of Wisdom
Vital statistics
Type Kingdom
Level Place
Location The Phantom Tollbooth World
Inhabitants King Azaz,

Mathemagician, Others

The Kingdom of Wisdom is the setting of the Phantom Tollbooth. In antiquity it was called the Land of Null, and was inhabited only by demons. When the First King arrived on its eastern shores, though, he and his people built a small settlement. From that point onward, the Kingdom of Wisdom grew, and the creatures of darkness were forced back into the Mountains of Ignorance.

Following the First King's death, the rule of the Kingdom passed to his two sons. However, due to their inability to agree on anything, they ultimately divided their territory into two states. The first brother moved south to the Foothills of Confusion and ruled Dictionopolis as King Azaz, and the other set up his kingdom of Digitopolis near the base of The Mountains of Ignorance, where he came to be known as The Mathemagician.

When Milo rescues Rhyme and Reason from the Castle in the Air, the two kings reconcile and the Kingdom of Wisdom is united once more.