Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee in Dictionopolis (in film)

The Spelling Bee is a character of the phantom tollbooth. He is a bee that spells any words in any language anywhere.


In the book, the spelling bee appeared as a very large bee who is obsessed with spelling words. In the movie, he appears smaller and wears glasses. The spelling bee doesn't sting. However, he uses his nose as a sword if he's fighting the Humbug, who is said to always lie, who is his enemy.


  • His name is a pun on a spelling bee.
  • He can joke around a bit and likes all people except the Humbug.
  • Words he spelt were: assistance, alarmed, anything, perhaps, misapprehension, assure, peaceful, vegetable, speech, imposter, famished, pudding and charge (twice).
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